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Go!Mama Pods & Other Lactation Spaces

Is the pod a safe place for mothers to pump/breastfeed?

Go!Mama pods provide a private and calming space for mothers to pump or breastfeed. For added security, our pods can only be entered by mothers after completing a short “Singpass” verification process. Once a session starts, the occupancy of the pod will be reflected as “occupied” ensuring no one will be able to access the pod.

Why aren’t there changing station and sink inside the pod?

Go!Mama pods are designed to be freestanding, mobile and used solely for lactation purposes by mothers. While we recognise that diaper changing and feeding correlate in more ways than one, we do not advise that these activities be combined.

We endeavor to provide a cleaner environment for mothers than what one would find in a standard bathroom, therefore, we have decided to not combine these amenities.

For convenience purposes, however, we do highly recommend that pods are placed within close range to an area with sink/s and a changing station readily available.

Why don’t the pods have dustbin inside?

To provide the best experience for mothers, as well as being aware of spatial limits, we have kept a minimum number of items in the pods. We would, however, like our pods to stay clean for every mother who makes use of them. Therefore, we encourage all users to take all trash and disposable items out of the pod and place them in a nearby trash can.

Can mothers share the pods?

Due to safety concerns, as well as spatial practicality, we strongly recommend that a maximum of one mother and two children occupy the pod at any time.

Where can I feedback on a dirty pod?

We are so sorry that you did not have an optimal experience with our pods, and we thank you from the bottom of our hearts for telling us so we can rectify the situation.

·        Please reach out to us via help & support OR feedback function in Go!Mama app. We will notify our contacts at the facility and send a team down to rectify the situation as soon as practicable.

·        Alternatively, you can email us directly at contact@gomama.com.sg to let us know what went wrong.

Are there sanitization supplies in the pods?

Our Go!Mama pods automatically initiate a disinfection process through the use of ultra-violet light (UVC) at the conclusion of each use. This is done to protect mothers and their babies from viruses, bacteria, and any cross-contamination of allergens.

Any other sanitary products provided are up to the discretion of each venue provider, although we do recommend that such products are placed in the pods.

Why is there no air-conditioning in the pod?

We value the comfort of our mothers and work closely with all venue/facility providers to provide a dignified, practical, and private space. We hope to install air conditioning where conditions permit in the future.